A Man Like None Other

Chapter 351

Going Back On Your Word

Jared frowned when he saw that. “What is this?”

At the moment, Jason was emitting an aura that was much more powerful than Francis.

“Be careful, Jared! He has activated Golden Armor!” Lizbeth shouted in shock when she realized what
Jason was doing.

Jason burst out laughing. “I’ll show you the power of Golden Armor, kid! You won’t be able to hurt me
even if you have the strength to level mountains!”

“Is that so? I’ll have to give it a try, then!” Jared said as he threw a punch at Jason’s chest.

Instead of trying to dodge or block the attack, Jason simply stood there with a disdainful look on his


The impact produced a loud and clear sound similar to that of a church bell being rung. Not only was
Jason completely unfazed by the punch, but Jared even felt his arm go slightly numb from it.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!”

Jason’s eyes were filled with arrogance as he cackled like a madman.

A faint smirk appeared on Jared’s face. “Oh? This is getting interesting. Here, have another punch!”

Seconds later, the spiritual energy in his body began to surge like crazy before accumulating in his fist.

Jared’s fist started glowing brighter and brighter, eventually getting to a point where it was as bright as
the sun.

The smile on Jason’s face was frozen instantly. “W-What the hell is this?”

Jared simply threw a second punch at him without answering his question.


The bright light on Jared’s fist vanished after a thunder-like sound was heard.

Jason could be seen standing there, rooted to the spot like a statue as the golden glow around his
body slowly faded.

“Jason!” the two guys from Iron Gate Academy who came with Jason called out to him as they rushed
to his aid.


The next thing they knew, Jason coughed up a huge mouthful of blood as well as tiny chunks of his
internal organs.


Jason’s huge body went limp, and he collapsed to the floor. His eyes were still wide open, but he was
no longer breathing.

The two guys from the Iron Gate Academy were so terrified that they turned around and ran as quickly
as their legs could carry them.

“You… Why did you kill him?” Lizbeth asked with panic written all over her face after regaining her

“Weren’t you the one who asked me to kill him? What, are you going back on your word now?” Jared
snapped back at her with a chuckle.

Lizbeth quickly ran up to him and tugged at his arm as she said, “I was just saying that out of anger! I
didn’t think you’d actually kill him! Come on, we have to go before the guys from the Iron Gate
Academy come back for revenge!”

Just like that, Jared was dragged out of there before he could even have lunch.

“Hey! We haven’t eaten anything! I’m hungry!” Jared protested from the passenger seat while glancing
at Lizbeth, who was still in shock.

“We’re going to my place. I’ll make you some pasta. Honestly, I can’t believe you’d be so reckless as to
kill Jason like that!” Lizbeth exclaimed with a sigh.

“You’re the one who told me to kill him, so it’s not my fault,” Jared replied nonchalantly.

“You…” Lizbeth’s face was red with frustration, but she couldn’t say anything in retaliation.

After parking her car in a residential area, Lizbeth brought Jared to her place, which turned out to be a
one-room apartment that she had rented.

Despite it being rather small, the place was clean and tidy. On top of that, it had a pleasant smell that
one would expect when visiting a girl’s house.

“Have a seat while I check the kitchen for something to cook.”

Lizbeth then started making lunch while Jared sat down in the living room.

Strange… Why would a person of her identity and status have to rent a place like this? She could
simply live with her family, right? Even if she doesn’t want to rely on them, she should be able to afford
a nice house. I mean, just look at that insane amount of money Walter spent on his house in Horington!
The antiques they own are so expensive that selling one of them would give her enough money to buy
a house for herself!

Jared thought to himself as he watched her get to work in the kitchen.