A Man Like None Other

Chapter 335

Everyone Must Die

Once Yasmin was locked up in the room next door, Lucy muttered, “That useless boy who goes wild
when he sees a woman… He’s the same as his dad.”

The moment she finished her sentence, a deafening sound was heard.

It sounded like a collision.

Immediately, Lucy turned toward the source of the sound and saw that a car had crashed into the gate
of the Whitaker residence. In a while, the gate collapsed, and clouds of dust were flying everywhere.

When the bodyguards heard that, all of them rushed toward the door and blocked the car.

Soon, Jared got out of his car with a murderous aura. He remained indifferent although he was facing
more than ten bodyguards of the Whitaker family.

“Who the h*ll are you?” Lucy asked with a frown when she finally got there.

“Today, everyone here will die,” Jared stated coldly as a chilling aura radiated from his body, and
everyone there trembled at the sound of his threat.

“Y-You’re Jared?” Lucy asked doubtfully.

“He’s Jared… He’s Jared! Kill him!” Kane shouted frantically when he saw Jared.

The bodyguards charged at Jared when they got the command.

Jared narrowed his eyes slightly and grabbed a steel bar from the broken gate.


With that, he disappeared from where he was and started killing the bodyguards. Since he had already
attained Level Nine, all of the bodyguards were no match for him.

Bang! Clash! Thump!

The fight continued. Kane and Lucy couldn’t exactly see what was happening except for the sight of
blood flying everywhere. As time passed, more and more bodyguards dropped onto the ground, and it
was obvious that they died because of their head injuries.

Within minutes, all the bodyguards at the gate were slaughtered, and the main gate of the Whitaker
residence was full of the stench of blood.

Blood from the bodyguards trickled down the steel bar in Jared’s hand.

Right then, Kane and Lucy were completely shocked and was overwhelmed by fear when they saw the
look in Jared’s eyes.

Jared took a few steps toward the couple. “Today, all of you shall die…”

“You punk, don’t be arrogant.”

Suddenly, two middle-aged men in martial arts uniforms rushed toward Jared and were about to punch
him. Meanwhile, two other bodyguards went to protect Lucy. The four of them were sent by the Jantz

When Jared saw that, he threw the steel bar and fought back with his bare fists.


When their fists collided, the impact sounded like a cannon.

Jared’s expression turned cold as he felt a slight numbness in his arms. On the other hand, the two
middle-aged men flew backward, and their bodies exploded mid-air, causing their blood and organs to
splatter everywhere.

Since Jared’s earlier attack was a death blow, he didn’t hold back. However, he was surprised that they
were able to make him feel something in his arms. That meant that they were really skilled.

Kane and Lucy’s eyes widened when they saw what happened with the two bodyguards because they
knew the bodyguards’ abilities. Who would’ve thought that the bodyguards would be killed with a single

“Ms. Jantz, please escape with Mr. Kane! We’ll hold him back!” the other two bodyguards said to Lucy
through gritted teeth. They knew that they were no match for Jared, but they had to carry out their duty.

Lucy nodded and retreated. Before she saw Jared herself, she was still mocking Kane for being afraid,
but now she regretted it. If only I knew how strong Jared was, I would’ve asked for more men!

“Running away? I told you—all of you will die today!” Jared yelled and dashed toward the couple.