A Man Like None Other

Chapter 289

Man On A Mission

Tyrion gritted his teeth against the pain and claimed, “It was Frederick! He told me everything and
convinced me to come to Horington.”

Tyrion was setting his scheme into motion. If Jared decided to go after Frederick despite his status as
the mayor’s son, Tyrion would be able to enjoy Frederick’s downfall through no effort of his own.

A murderous glint came to Jared’s eyes as he heard Frederick’s name. Josephine was alarmed when
she spied the change in his expression, and she deeply regretted her insistence on wangling the truth
out of Tyrion.

She coaxed, “Jared, everything’s fine now. You don’t have to avenge me anymore!”

She hoped he would not put himself in unnecessary danger by seeking revenge on Frederick.

“All right!” Jared nodded and effortlessly scooped Josephine into his arms.

She burrowed into his embrace, leaning her head against his chest. The warmth of his body felt like the
safest haven in the world to Josephine.

Filled with guilt as he stared at the disheveled woman in his arms, Jared vowed, “I’ll never let anyone
hurt you again. Never.”

“I know. I trust you!” Josephine hooked her arms around Jared’s neck and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Despite their mutual affection for each other, neither had outwardly expressed their feelings until
Josephine’s kiss.

Jared carefully set Josephine in the passenger seat before driving them to the Sullivan residence.

Meanwhile, Tyrion struggled and failed to get to his feet in the abandoned factory.

He stared at his ruined leg and roared, “I’ll make you pay for this, Jared!”

William paced the Sullivan residence in distress, worried sick about Josephine’s whereabouts. He
would easily give up his life in exchange for his daughter’s safety.

Jared arrived at the Sullivan residence in no time. Josephine got out of the car and immediately
launched herself at an anxious William in the doorway.

“Dad!” she sobbed as she hugged her father.

“Are you all right, Josephine?” William’s eyes were wet with tears. He barked, “Who did this? I’m going
to ruin him, even if it costs me an arm and a leg!”

Jared replied, “Everything’s okay now, Mr. Sullivan. Leave the rest to me!”

William nodded and declared, “Jared, you have our family’s resources at your disposal. You can use
anything you need to make them pay!”

Josephine is my life! I may be a patient man, but I will destroy anyone who harms my daughter!

“I understand,” came Jared’s determined response.

He was about to leave when Josephine grabbed his arm and cautioned, “Jared, Leyton’s dead, and
Tyrion has learned his lesson. Please don’t seek revenge on anyone else.”

She was still worried that Jared would confront Frederick and land himself in a complicated mess.

“Don’t worry!” His reassurance came with a smile and a fond stroke of her hair.

Then Jared drove off. He called Tommy immediately.

Once the line connected, he ordered, “Tommy, have Yoel collect his son’s body. The Scott family has
three days to leave Horington; I don’t want to see hair or hide of them in this city after that. If Yoel’s in
the mood for revenge, let him know he is welcome to visit me anytime.”

Tommy acknowledged his command, “Got it. I’ll handle everything.”

Tommy was more than enough to deal with the crumbling Scott family, and Jared knew that Tommy
would make it impossible for Yoel to avenge his son.

Jared had been driving toward Glen’s house since leaving the Sullivan residence. He would never let
Frederick off the hook for what he had done to Josephine, not even if his father was the mayor!