A Man Like None Other

Chapter 137

“Oh, of course, I do! Naturally, it was our manager who managed to collect all the arrears,” Maria
answered hastily as she abruptly jolted back to her senses.

I’ve naturally got to give the credit for such a windfall to Zayne. Who knows, he may be promoted to the
position of manager of the acquisition department this time!

“In that case, Mr. Carlson is really capable!” Silas flashed them a smile before adding, “We’ll talk next
time. I’ve got to go through the accounts with Mr. Carlson.”

He then entered Zayne’s office. Meanwhile, everyone in the sales department went into an uproar.

“Whoa! Who’s so competent to have collected all the arrears?”

“That’s simply incredible! Those arrears are all accumulated from a few years ago and were
exceedingly difficult to collect!”

“Could it be Kai? Judging from his confident expression today, he seemed to have known that the
arrears would definitely be repaid in full!”

“Nonsense! Could someone like him have collected all the arrears? Didn’t you hear that it was the
respective companies themselves who voluntarily repaid their debts? It has nothing to do with him

“Speaking of that, he’s really lucky! It looks like he won’t be sacked today, after all!”

The employees of the sales department gathered together and gossiped among themselves.

“This is great, Kai! We won’t be dismissed!” Hilda said to Kai excitedly.

“Didn’t I tell you from the very beginning that you didn’t have to worry?” Kai chuckled softly.

“How did you know that the arrears would all be paid today?” Hilda queried, regarding Kai curiously.

“It’s a secret!” Kai smiled without telling her anything.

He didn’t want her to know everything right then, though he would be telling her the truth sooner or

While the employees of the sales department were still whispering among themselves, Zayne walked
out of his office with Silas, who was from the finance department. At the sight of the man, everyone
went silent.

Zayne cast a chilly look in Kai’s direction before he stalked away.

Right that moment, Xavier was sitting at his desk in the general manager’s office with a grim
expression on his face.

He still had a band-aid on his neck, covering the cut from the night before. Worse still, a palmprint was
still vaguely visible on his face.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded on the door, upon which Xavier coldly snapped, “Come in.”

“You asked for me, Mr. Jennings?” Zayne inquired deferentially as soon as he stepped in the door.

No sooner had his words fallen than he froze, for he had glimpsed faint marks that were obviously the
aftermath of a slap on the man’s face.

Noticing his stare, Xavier frowned slightly. “Are you enjoying the view?”

As his words rang out, Zayne was so petrified that he shuddered and hurriedly lowered his head, not
daring to utter a single word in response.

“Was it you who handed the task of collecting the sales department’s arrears to Kai?” Xavier

Zayne couldn’t quite understand the man’s meaning, so he could only nod. “Yes. I just wanted him to hit
a brick wall and to take him down a peg, but I never expected him to be so lucky that all the companies
owing us a debt actually paid up today.”

At that, Xavier sneered. I know why all the arrears were paid out of the blue. Josephine must have
given him a hand secretly. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly done it alone, no matter how capable
he is!

Nevertheless, he was the only person in the company who knew about Kai and Josephine’s

“Henceforth, have him handle the negotiation for the collaboration with Cosmic Chemical,” he said to
Zayne while scanning through some information about the company’s collaboration partners in his

Hearing that, Zayne was stunned for a moment. “Cosmic Chemical? Mr. Jennings, Cosmic Chemical is
a major client, and the Scott family has been eyeing them as well. Will it offend them to have Kai
handle the negotiation and lead to them thinking that we’re insincere?”

He couldn’t figure out why Xavier wanted to give such an important client to Kai. After all, the sales
department would receive a king’s ransom in commission if such a client were to sign a collaboration
agreement with the company.

“Why, are you questioning my decision?” Xavier’s eyes narrowed a fraction.