A Man Like None Other

Chapter 124

“Mr. Chance, I didn’t know it was you. If I did, I wouldn’t have accepted the job!”

At the sight of Kai, all Felix could do was lower himself and apologize.

“Do you know me?” Kai furrowed his brows.

Felix smiled awkwardly. “I saw you at Mr. Grange’s banquet where you defeated our leader.”

“Since you know I’m the one who beat Steven up, shouldn’t you be exacting your revenge? Why are you
still being so courteous?” Kai was puzzled. All this while, the Templar Regiment and the Crimson Dragon
Gang were at odds with each other. Given that he had beaten up their leader, he should have been
treated as the enemy.

Instead, Felix was so respectful to him that it bordered upon being sycophantic.

“Mr. Chance, you must be kidding. Considering how capable you are, I would need to have a death wish
before revenge crosses my mind,” Felix explained candidly.

Smiling, Kai was surprised by Felix’s frankness and how he savvily maneuvered around the situation.

“In that case, can you now tell me who wants me dead?” Kai asked.

“Xavier, he paid me a million to do it.” Felix didn’t dare hide the truth. The rules no longer mattered when
his life was now at risk.

Kai snickered in response, as his suspicions were spot on.

After Kai was gone, Felix realized that he was drenched in sweat.

“Mr. Lawson, was our leader really defeated by that man? He looks way too young,” one of the burly men
asked in astonishment.

Felix’s expression turned grim. “Tell the men that no one is to touch that b*stard until our leader is back.”

“Understood!” After nodding in acknowledgment, the four burly men went off to spread the word.

Meanwhile, back in the private room, Xavier and the others were drinking jubilantly. Both he and Zayne
were particularly delighted to see Kai being led away.

Given that the general manager and department manager were enjoying themselves, everyone else
naturally followed suit.

When he finally had his fill, Xavier stood up and waved his hand. “That’s all for today, as we still have to
work tomorrow. I hope all of you will do your best for the department.”

Given how happy he was, Xavier’s face was blushing red from all the alcohol he consumed.

Since he had declared the night over, everyone took their leave obediently.

“Kai isn’t back yet. Are we not waiting for him anymore?” Hilda asked in concern.

“Hilda, didn’t you hear what Mr. Jennings said? He has ordered us to go home early and rest, as we still
need to go to the office tomorrow. Are you planning to disobey his order?” Zayne roared in return.

An anxious look descended upon Hilda’s face. Even though she didn’t dare to go against Xavier, she
was still worried about Kai’s safety.

“Hilda, forget about him. Who knows, he might have sneaked home without our knowledge. Let’s go
back first,” Maria persuaded.

Considering the situation, Hilda had no choice but to go along with them.

Meanwhile, Xavier muttered under his breath with a smirk, “Kai is never going to return.”

However, just when everyone was about to leave, the door to the private room opened, and in walked


Everyone was stunned. They had assumed that he would’ve been beaten to a pulp by then.

Xavier in particular was taken aback. Didn’t they agree to dispose of Kai? Why is he suddenly here?


At the sight of Kai, Hilda threw herself at him.

“H-How did you come back?” Xavier asked in disbelief.

Kai sneered, “Since the matter is resolved, it’s natural that I return. Mr. Jennings, are you hoping that I