A Man Like None Other

Chapter 91

Just as expected, many men felt disheartened when they saw the intimate gestures between Hilda and
Kai. Even Zayne’s eyes were filled with jealousy as he looked in Kai’s direction.

When Kai introduced Maria to Hilda, he explained, “This is Mr. Saunders’ daughter, Maria. Her dad and
mine were comrades in the army.”

Hilda instantly figured out that Gary must have wanted to approach Maria’s father when he told her he
would ask a friend about a job for her.

Hence, she walked up to Maria and held her hand. “Maria, you’re really pretty. I have heard Kai and Mr.
Chance mention you before. I just never had the opportunity to meet you.”

Maria smiled in response to Hilda’s friendliness. “Hilda, you look stunning yourself.”

“This is Troy. We’re on the same team,” Kai continued while pointing at a bespectacled colleague in the

“Nice to meet you!” Hilda smiled while extending her hand.

“T-The pleasure is mine.” Blushing, Troy gently shook Hilda’s hand.

Troy’s reaction caused everyone to burst into laughter.

Soon, everyone began to make merry, singing and drinking at the same time. Moreover, many of them
came over to make a toast to Kai, challenging his capacity to drink.

Realizing what was going on, Hilda shielded Kai from them. “At this rate, Kai will be drunk in no time. I’ll
drink in his place instead.”

With that, Hilda downed a mug of beer.

Since Hilda was standing up for Kai, the guys weren’t going to let the opportunity slip. From their
perspective, Hilda would be knocked out after just two beers.

Soon, all of them realized they couldn’t be more wrong.

Despite taking on the crowd’s challenge and downing drink after drink, Hilda didn’t look as if she was
drunk at all.

When everyone realized there was barely any change to her expression, they were stupefied. Even Kai
looked at her in disbelief.

No one had expected such a demure-looking girl to be so good at drinking. At that moment, she had
thirty empty beer bottles right beneath her feet.

Meanwhile, everyone else’s face was already red from having too much to drink. In fact, some of them
could barely maintain their balance.

“All right now, let’s start singing instead of drinking non-stop.”

Finally, Zayne stepped in to stop the drinking challenge. Otherwise, everyone else would be drunk
before Hilda felt anything.

“Hilda, you’re an amazing drinker,” Maria remarked with her eyes filled with both envy and

Hilda smiled, “Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I’m good at.”

“Hilda, you’re awesome! If my alcohol tolerance were as high as yours, no one will dare challenge me
to a drinking game again!” Lydia exclaimed in admiration as she sat down beside Hilda.

“Lydia, it’s possible to improve one’s drinking capacity through practice. I’ll teach you how to do it next
time. Besides, I like how our surnames are similar to each other too,” Hilda replied jovially.

Hilda was undeniably good at socializing. Within a short period of time, the three ladies had become
best friends that could talk about anything under the sun.

“Hilda, given how pretty and good-natured you are, how did you end up being interested in Kai? To me,
he is just an annoying country bumpkin,” Lydia asked candidly after having quite a bit to drink.

Sitting by the side, Kai didn’t sing nor drink. All he did was make idle chatter with Troy once in a while.
Evidently, he didn’t fit in with the rest at all.

“Lydia, Kai is actually a pretty good guy. I know because I grew up with him. Perhaps, you just don’t
know him well yet,” Hilda calmly explained and wasn’t upset at all.

Given Hilda’s response, Lydia knew it would be inappropriate to disparage Kai further. Hence, she took
up the mic and suggested, “Come, why don’t we sing a song together?”