A Man Like None Other

Chapter 74

When Steel saw Jared moving toward him, he struggled to get to his feet, but the pain was so
excruciating that he couldn’t do so. That kick from Jared was just too powerful. “W-What are you trying
to do? Let me tell you that I’m from the Crimson Dragon Gang, and our gang leader is none other than
Steven Fisher!” The man’s grim expression petrified him so greatly that he hastily mentioned the
Crimson Dragon Gang.

However, Jared sneered, “Steven, huh? If you hadn’t said that you’re from the Crimson Dragon Gang, I
might have spared you. Alas, you don’t have that opportunity anymore.” Right after saying that, he
stomped on Steel’s legs and shattered them to the point that he could never walk again no matter how
skillful the doctor was. “Ahh!” Sheer agony had Steel screaming at the top of his lungs even as he
writhed on the ground. Terror struck Delilah when she saw Jared’s ruthless methods and chilly

She trembled incessantly, her eyes brimming with horror. Likewise, Brayden had also broken into a
cold sweat, his knees knocking together. Picking up the money from the ground, Jared threw Delilah a
glacial look. That mere glance scared her so much that she collapsed to the ground in fright. At the
sight of her pathetic condition, Jared snorted and strode right into the bank to redeposit the money.

When he arrived home, he saw that Hilda and Chloe were still there. As soon as Hilda spotted Jared,
she frantically rushed over to him. She was on the verge of asking him how things went when she
abruptly remembered that her mother was still there. Thus, she said nothing. “Where did you go,
Jared? Hilda has been waiting for you the entire day!” Hannah chastised when she heard his return.
“Go out for a walk with her and chat for a bit.”

“I had to handle something, Mom,” Jared explained. “Mrs. Chance, I’ll be going out for a walk with
Jared then.” Hilda strode out while dragging Jared along. At that second, she couldn’t wait to know how
he handled the matter. “Sure, go ahead. Go and talk for a while, and we’ll all have lunch here later.”

Hannah nodded happily. After Jared had left with Hilda, she remarked with a delighted expression,
“Mrs. Wallace, I think they both seem to make a pretty good match!”

“I’m of the same opinion! Haha…” Chloe laughed as well. “What did they do to you, Jared? Did they
beat you up?” Hilda questioned urgently the instant they left the house. “Nope. Anyway, you don’t have
to worry about the loan anymore. It’s settled now. In the future, find a decent job and work hard. I’m
going for an interview tomorrow, and I’ll recommend you there if the company is okay.

Next time, you’ve got to be more discerning when getting yourself a boyfriend,” Jared urged with a
smile. Hilda nodded with adoration in her gaze as she stared at Jared, but he didn’t look at her. He
merely regarded her as a sister and had no romantic feelings for her, so he didn’t want her to

While they were strolling around the neighborhood, Jared’s phone suddenly rang. It was a call from
Josephine. “Where did you and your family go, Jared? Why aren’t you all at Dragon Bay anymore? I
asked the security, and he said that you moved out?” Josephine went over to Dragon Bay in search of
Jared, only to discover that he no longer lived there. “My parents weren’t quite used to living there, so
we moved back.

Although the area is a bit old, they have more neighbors here who are all acquaintances.” In truth,
Jared lied because he had no idea why his parents wanted to leave Dragon Bay. “I see,” Josephine
murmured in acknowledgment, her disappointment clear as day. After chatting for a while longer, Jared
hung up the phone.

“Was that your girlfriend, Jared?” Hilda asked softly when the man had finished talking on the phone.
Jared froze, not quite sure how he should answer that question. In all honesty, he himself didn’t know
whether Josephine was considered his girlfriend when they had never confirmed their relationship