A Man Like None Other

Chapter 54

Back at the Glamor Hotel, the crowd had dispersed after the banquet ended. Walter got Kai to stay for a
bit and said, “Mr. Chance, I need a few more days before I can get you the spiritual brush and cinnabar
rosary you asked for.”
“It’s all right; I can wait. Thanks for your help, Mr. Grange!” Kai smiled. Since my mom’s eyes have been
this way for a while now, I’m sure waiting for a few more days won’t hurt. I shouldn’t rush this sort of thing
“You’re too kind, Mr. Chance. From now on, just let me know if you ever need help with anything!” Walter
said without hesitation.
After chatting with Walter for a while, Kai planned to leave. However, Luca came forward to him right
then and knelt down before him. “Mr. Chance, please be my mentor!”
Having witnessed Kai’s tremendous abilities, Luca couldn’t help but hope that he could learn from Kai.
Kai grabbed him and helped him up. “I’m not worthy of being someone’s mentor. You think too highly of

In actuality, the skills that Kai possessed were not in the same category as the ones these martial artists
had. Hence, he couldn’t teach them even if he wanted to.
“But Mr. Chance—”
“That’s enough, Luca,” Walter interrupted. “Mr. Chance has already given his answer.”
Although Walter wasn’t a martial artist, he knew how things were done in the community and that not
many people would actually be willing to mentor others.
Upon hearing that, Luca stepped aside and kept silent.
“You can look for me if you need anything. But me mentoring you? I’m not qualified for that.” Kai smiled
“That will do, Mr. Chance. Thank you!” Luca was happy with Kai’s response.
When Kai left the hotel and went back to Dragon Bay, he was puzzled to find that his parents were not
around. Where could they be? They just got here and they’re not familiar with this place.
He took out his phone and called his parents. Upon learning that they had returned to their previous

house, he hurried back.
“Mom, Dad, what are you guys doing here? Is it because you guys aren’t used to staying at Dragon Bay?
The environment there is so much better, isn’t it?” Kai asked, baffled.
Without saying a word, Gary went into his room after taking a glance at Kai. Hannah let out a long sigh
and said, “Kai, you’ve just gotten out of prison. Stop thinking that fame and fortune can be achieved
overnight. Josephine is a kind lady, but you shouldn’t take advantage of her just because you saved her
father once! You two don’t belong together. Just get a job and stop being delusional!”
Kai furrowed his brows. “Mom, did someone say something to you guys?”
“It doesn’t matter. Just stop contacting Josephine and return the mansion at Dragon Bay. Your dad and I
will not stay there anymore. I don’t wish for you to make a fortune, but as long as you make an honest
living and have a family of your own, I’ll be more than satisfied,” Hannah said, her tone heavy.
Sensing that his mother was getting angry, Kai didn’t dare to talk back. He nodded and said, “Okay,
Mom. I’ll listen to you.”
He knew that his mother had suffered and had literally cried herself blind because of him. He did not
want to upset her anymore.
Hearing Kai agreed with her, Hannah said in a gentler voice, “I’ll get your dad to ask Mr. Miller to find you
a job tomorrow. Also, Mrs. Wallace’s daughter has just graduated, and she has found a job that pays
well. You two have known each other since childhood. I’ll talk to Mrs. Wallace if you two don’t mind.”
Hannah might be blind, but she seemed to have everything figured out.