A Man Like None Other

Chapter 37

,A Man Like None Other

“Dad, that b*stard—” “Shut up!” Before Leyton could finish, Yoel shot him a fearsome glare, frightening
him into silence. “Mr. Scott, I know Jared very well because we were together in university. He doesn’t
have any sort of background or support. His dad used to be a government servant but became a street
cleaner after he was sacked. So, don’t let him frighten you,” Sandy explained while straightening her
clothes. “You know sh*t!”

Yoel shot her a cold glance. “You stupid b*tch! If not for you, Leyton wouldn’t be in this condition. You’re
nothing but a jinx!” Yoel stormed off the moment he finished. In truth, he had objected to their wedding
as he felt that Sandy’s family wasn’t up to his standards. Unfortunately, Sandy somehow managed to
bewitch Leyton to the extent of getting him to marry her. Sandy’s face purpled in anger after being
scolded by Yoel.

Nonetheless, she didn’t dare say a word of protest. This was the price she had to pay for marrying into
a rich family. “Damn that Jared! I’ll never forgive him!” Sandy hissed through her clenched teeth after
Yoel was gone. She didn’t dare offend Yoel or Leyton. Hence, her only option was to vent her
frustrations on Jared. Back at Walter’s villa, he, Tommy, and Jared were drinking happily together. They
had enjoyed each other’s company throughout the entire lunch.

Everyone present was envious of Jared for being able to share the table with such illustrious men
despite his young age. “Mr. Chance, today’s meal is just a casual one. But tomorrow, I plan to hold a
feast at Glamor Hotel, where I’ll be inviting distinguished guests from both the political and business
establishments of Horington. During the dinner, I’ll sing your praises!” Walter declared proudly. Walter’s
intention was clear.

He wanted to open doors for Jared in the city. After the banquet, no one in Horington would ever dare
mess with Jared again. Despite how generous the invitation was, Jared intended to reject it. He wanted
to keep a low profile and focus on his training instead. After all, his aim was to wait for the fifteenth of
July. Before he could respond, Tommy preempted him, “In that case, I would like to thank you, Mr.
Grange, on behalf of Mr. Chance.

Your recommendation will be of significant assistance to Mr. Chance’s affairs in Horington.” Since
Tommy had taken the liberty of accepting the offer for him, Jared didn’t say another word. Instead, he
nodded slightly. “You flatter me, Mr. Grange.” After chatting a while longer, Jared and Tommy finally left.
“My Lord, please forgive me for accepting the invitation on your behalf. Although the Templar Regiment
is expanding rapidly, we’ve hit a plateau outside of Horington.

Moreover, many other factions are eyeing our turf. Therefore, we’re left with no choice but to strengthen
our network further,” Tommy explained his actions softly in the car. Jared was caught by surprise.
“Aren’t you the absolute authority in Horington? Is there someone out there trying to challenge you?”

Jared didn’t understand why Tommy felt threatened. Based on his understanding, no one other than the
political elite dared to touch him. Tommy replied in an embarrassed tone, “My Lord, those are just the
assumptions of ordinary folk. Other than us, there are other factions in Horington, such as the Crimson
Dragon Gang and the Moon Sect. This doesn’t even include the lesser factions around. The Crimson
Dragon Gang and the Templar Regiment are mortal enemies.

Every year, both sides will suffer casualties from their struggle against each other. However, their gang
leader, Steven Fisher, managed to learn the Impenetrable Skill from somewhere. Hence, I’m afraid I’m
no longer his match.” Staring at Tommy, Jared could see that times had been tough for him over the
last few years. Despite how glamorous he looked in the eyes of others, it was nothing but appearances.
In truth, people like him faced danger every single day of their lives.

“If anyone causes you trouble, just let me know,” Jared stated. Given that the Templar Regiment was
subordinate to him, there was no way he would ignore their troubles. Tommy was delighted. “Based on
what you just said, I’m no longer afraid of anything. With you at the forefront, no one will dare stand in
your way, let alone someone like Steven.”

Having seen how Jared annihilated the nine vengeful dragons, Tommy was so impressed that he
utterly worshipped Jared. Surprised at how adept Tommy was at flattery, Jared broke into a smile.