A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1878

Sonya wasn’t nervous anymore, but the same couldn’t be said for Kayson. He watched as Geena
nearly stepped into his trap, but to his dismay, Geena stepped back when he was just one step away.

“Mr. Chance, I think we should head back even though there’s no danger…” Sonya brushed past
Geena and took the lead.

When Kayson saw Sonya had taken the lead, his heart almost skipped a beat.

If Sonya triggers the trap, Geena will flee…

Frustration inundated Kayson, and he was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“Ms. Zimmerman…” At that moment, Geena called out to Sonya.

The latter halted to look over her shoulder at Milos.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Chance?” Sonya asked.

“It’s nothing, but I think I should take the lead. It’s more appropriate since I’m the guest, after all.”
Geena chuckled.

Despite her confusion, Sonya quickly complied with a smile. “You’re right. After you, my respected

She gestured for Geena to walk ahead, and Geena strode past her nonchalantly. Kayson was, of
course, elated when he saw that.

Serves you right for putting on airs, you dumb*ss! I’m just waiting for you to take the bait.

Kayson cackled silently with his gaze fixed on Milos.

When Geena finally walked into Kayson’s trap, the sky suddenly turned dark, and eight men emerged
from both sides of the street. Each of them held a black chain in their hands.

All eight of them tossed one end of the chain at Geena simultaneously. With chains wrapped around
Geena tightly like snakes, his feet were firmly rooted to the ground. He couldn’t move his body at all.

Sonya unsheathed her sword urgently, eager to rescue Milos.

However, Geena shouted, “Run, Ms. Zimmerman! Leave me here! Otherwise, none of us will get to

Sonya halted in her tracks upon hearing Geena’s warning.

She then yelled, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chance! I’ll go get help! We’ll definitely rescue you!”

Following a leap into the air, she disappeared.

Sonya knew that the only person who would want to capture Geena was Kayson from the Zagorski
family because Kayson bore a grudge against Milos.

With her abilities, she was aware she couldn’t go up against the entire Zagorski family, so she ran.
Kayson didn’t give chase as he watched her disappear. His only target was Milos.

Seeing Geena constrained by his family’s Soul Binding Chains, Kayson happily came strutting out of
the dark corner.

“I told you before, Milos. No one dares to disrespect me in Norham. You’re the first, so you’re going to
pay for that today,” Kayson sneered.

Geena wasn’t nervous in the slightest when he saw Kayson come out of hiding.

Instead, he asked with a smile, “So you got me. What are you planning to do with me? Kill me?”

“No. How can I kill you? You’re a celebrity in the martial arts world. I just want the martial arts world to
know who stands at the top among the youth. No matter how powerful you are, you’re now my prisoner.
I want my father to look at us. He thinks too highly of you. In truth, you’re not as powerful as you seem.”

With a wave of his arm, he ordered, “Take him away. I want the whole world to see that I, Kayson
Zagorski, have defeated the brightest nova of the martial arts world.”

Geena didn’t resist one bit and compliantly followed Kayson back to the Zagorski residence.

“Dad! Dad!” Kayson began shouting the minute he stepped through the front door.

He wanted Austin to see Geena wasn’t as powerful as rumored, and he was the one who captured

In the meantime, Austin was discussing business with the executives of the Zagorski family.

A crease formed between his brows when he heard Kayson’s screaming.

“What did that sh*thead do now?” he uttered in annoyance.

“Let’s call it a day. You can leave now. Don’t bring up what we discussed with anyone,” he warned
before waving his arm dismissively.

Stepping out of the secret room, he barked at Kayson, “What are you screaming about? Why are you
looking for me?”

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