A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2454 Treacherous

“The cultivators of the mundane world see the Ethereal Realm as heaven. However, if you ask the
humans in the Ethereal Realm what they think of the place, they'll say it's hell. It's because the humans
here crave power even more. Everyone here's doing their best to become immortal, so in their eyes,
friends and families aren't as important. Some of them are willing to do anything to increase their
cultivation level. That is why the most fearsome thing in the Ethereal Realm is the human heart. All
humans here are blinded by their lust for power. If not for the restriction of the laws of nature, the
mundane world is actually the ideal place for humans to live in.” Hammerhead sighed, too.

Jared had nothing to say in response to that. I suppose people will always think the grass is greener on
the other side.

Meanwhile, inside a short building within Rock Village, Emily handed the demon beast's corpse to
Clovis to be processed. Then, she wiped the hands of an old woman lying on the bed. The latter's eyes
were covered by a piece of white cloth.

“I hunted a big demon beast today, Grandma. Ali said he'd sell the beast core and pelt at the city
tomorrow to buy medicine for you. Your eyes will be fine,” informed Emily.

“Why did you go hunting on your own? You're not powerful enough. If anything happens to you, how
will I face your deceased parents?” Ira, the old woman, reprimanded. Her heart wrenched at the
thought of how much danger Emily had been in.

“Don't worry, Grandma. I won't die that easily. Today, a good samaritan saved me and killed the demon
beast for me. He was so awesome. With just a flick of his finger, he executed the demon beast in one
hit! Those people seem quite powerful!”

Upon hearing that, Ira knitted her eyebrows slightly. “Where do they come from, Emily? Where are they

“I don't know where they're from, Grandma, but they were brought into the village by Ali.”

“Oh no!” Ira promptly sat up, startling Emily. “Bring me to them immediately, Emily. How can Ali be so
reckless and allow them to enter our settlement?”

Emily was confounded by her grandmother's reaction. “There's no need to worry, Grandma. I don't
think they look like bad people. They even escorted me home.”

“Silly girl. You don't understand how treacherous humans are! Bring me there at once!” urged Ira.

With no other choice, Emily helped her grandmother out of the building.

Just as they arrived at the door, they met Ali.

“Where did you bring my saviors to, Ali?” inquired Emily.

“How can you be so careless, Ali? Why did you bring outsiders into the village? What are you doing as
the village chief?” Ira scolded with great dissatisfaction.

“I trapped the three of them in the stone house with the arcane arrays. They can't escape the building,”
assured Ali.

Upon hearing that, Emily pouted, upset. “They rescued me, Ali! How could you imprison them?”

“Emily, these people—”

“Stop talking and bring me to them!” Ira interrupted and urged Ali to bring her to the stone building.

When she arrived, she didn't head inside. Instead, she stood outside of the building and silently sent a
thread of aura into the structure.

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